Interpolation centers' selection using hierarchical curvature-based clustering

Juan C. Rodríguez | Bio
National University of Colombia
Diego Del Portillo Z | Bio
National University of Colombia
Germán Sánchez Torres | Bio
Magdalena University


It is widely known that some fields related to graphic applications require realistic and full detailed three-dimensional models. Technologies for this kind of applications exist. However, in some cases, laser scanner get complex models composed of million of points, making its computationally difficult. In these cases, it is desirable to obtain a reduced set of these samples to reconstruct the function's surface. An appropriate reduction approach with a non-significant loss of accuracy in the reconstructed function with a good balance of computational load is usually a non-trivial problem. In this article, a hierarchical clustering based method by the selection of center using the geometric distribution and curvature estimation of the samples in the 3D space is described.

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Rodríguez, J. C., Del Portillo Z, D., & Sánchez Torres, G. (2011). Interpolation centers’ selection using hierarchical curvature-based clustering. Revista Ingenierías Universidad De Medellín, 9(17), 131-138. Retrieved from


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