Evaluation of Clusters based on Systems on a Chip for High-Performance Computing: A Review

  • Melissa Johanna Aldana Universidad de Quindío
  • Jaime Alberto Buitrago Universidad del Quindío
  • Julián Esteban Gutiérrez Universidad del Quindío
Keywords: Systems on a chip, high-performance computing, clusters, benchmarks


High-performance computing systems are the maximum expression in the field of processing for large amounts of data. However, their energy consumption is an aspect of great importance, which was not considered decades ago. Hence, software developers and hardware providers are obligated to approach new challenges to address energy consumption, and costs. Constructing a computational cluster with a large amount of systems on a chip can result in a powerful, ecologic platform, with the capacity to offer sufficient performance for different applications, as long as low costs and minimum energy consumption can be maintained. As a result, energy efficient hardware has an opportunity to impact upon the area of high-performance computing. This article presents a systematic review of the evaluations conducted on clusters of  ystems on a Chip for High-Performance computing in the research setting.

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  • Author Biographies

    Melissa Johanna Aldana, Universidad de Quindío

    Ingeniero de Sistemas y Computación (2003),

    Profesora Universidad del Quindío

    Jaime Alberto Buitrago, Universidad del Quindío

    PhD en Ingeniería, Ingeniero Electrónico, Profesor Asistente Programa de Ingeniería Electrónica, Grupo de Investigación SINFOCI

    Julián Esteban Gutiérrez, Universidad del Quindío

    PhD en Ciencias de la Computación, Ingeniero de Sistemas, Profesor Titular Programa de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Computación, Grupo de Investigación GRID Universidad del Quindío

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