Morphology of chars of bagasse-coal mixtures: effect of particle size and concentration of bagasse

Edward Andrés García-Saavedra | Bio
Universidad del Valle
Alejandra Torres-Velasco | Bio
Cristian Dubiany Medina-Ramírez | Bio
Juan Manuel Barraza-Burgos | Bio
Juan Sebastián Guerrero-Pérez | Bio


In this work, the char morphology from coal-sugarcane bagasse with concentrations of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 % w/w and particle sizes -0.25 mm and -20 mm was evaluated. The samples were fed to a devolatilization process at 900 °C in a tubular drop reactor (-0.25 mm) and a batch-type fixed bed reactor (-20 mm). The morphology of the char was determined through image analysis. The surface area was evaluated by BET analysis for particle size -0.25 mm. The results showed that for particle sizes -20 mm synergistic effects were obtained towards the generation of reactive morphologies (thin walls + thick walls) with the increase in bagasse concentration. It was found that coal generated a higher concentration of thick and solid wall morphologies.


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