About the Journal

Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación,peer-reviewed International Journal, is a scientific endeavor to broadcast new knowledge in the communication field, highlighting researches within the field from various perspectives, theoretical, empiric and applied ones, on trending topics related with cultural studies, public communication, publicity, public relations, journalism, political communication, memory and cultural industries.

Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación fosters research and review articles that are available online and in open access since 2015 and are directed towards professors, researchers, students and professionals of the communications field and other close fields. The methodological integrity and the proccurance of results are requirements for the review and publishing of original articles.

The journal has existed since 2002. Nowadays, it publishes both a print and an online version that allows its access from anywhere around the world. The two versions published every year give a deep look into a wide array of topics of interest for communication researchers.

Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación, aims towards making useful and reliable contributions to researchers in communications. The level of meticulousness and originality required is assured by the traditional process of review by anonymous reviewers.  Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación is a peer-reviewed journal, aided by an external review by experts process in compliance with the guidelines of the APA (American Psychological Association). The fulfillment of these requirements facilitates its indexing in the main international databases, thus assuring greater broadcasting of the published works.

Under the modality of double-blind, all the articles are reviewed by the Editorial Committee, which verifies the complete compliance with the requirements demanded by this guideline. In case of not complying with any of the demands, the author(s) will be informed.

After the review, the documents are sent to the expert peers, who evaluate the scientific and academic quality of the texts. Once the concepts of the peers are received, a decision is made which might be accepted with adjustments, definitive acceptance, or rejection.

Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación stipulates the following timeframes for the reviewing process:

  1. a) Previous phase of estimation/rejection of manuscripts (30 days maximum).
  2. b) Evaluation of manuscripts phase with rejection(acceptance of manuscripts with adjustments (150 days maximum).
  3. c) Editing of the texts in preprint (digital). Publication of abstracts in English (15 days).

Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación estipula los siguientes tiempos para el desarrollo del proceso de evaluación:

  1. Fase previa de estimación/ desestimación de manuscritos (máximo 30 días)
  2. Fase de evaluación de manuscritos con rechazo/aceptación de los mismos y ajustes (máximo 150 días)
  3. Edición de los textos en preprint (digital). Publica abstracts en inglés. (15 días)

Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación published under the continuous publication modality. The journal is permanently open for papers submissions.

The first issue is published in April and the second one in September.

  • Research articles
  • Reflection articles

The following document explains the duties, actions and practices that regulate and conduct the editorial management of Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación in its ethical dimension and the treatment of the cases linked to authorship, intellectual property and the professional and academic integrity of the production of knowledge. This document is based upon the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)[1].

Regarding the authors:

  • The authors must manifest the originality and clarity of the article, the veracity of the data, as well as the validity of the study and its relevance regarding the journal's scope.
  • They must know the guidelines for authors and comply with them.
  • They must state any relevant conflict of interest for all the contributors if there were any.
  • They must make the editors aware if any individual must not review the submitted material, every time those requests are reasonable and viable.
  • They must know the publications dates of the journal, as well as the deadlines for submission and approval of articles.
  • The author can appeal against the editorial decisions.

Regarding the reviewers or arbitrators:

  • The Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación journal, in its peer review process, selects international arbitrators with expertise in the topics following a blind double peer system to guarantee that the review is in accordance with anonymity standards.
  • The reviewers must state any possible conflict of interests that might arise from the closeness or hostility against any of the authors. Likewise, if the reviewer identifies the author(s) despite the removal of their names from the manuscript. The arbitrators must declare any conflict of interests and reject the invitation of the editors for evaluating the manuscript when, for example, they identify the authorship of the manuscript, they are academically or family-related, they belong to the same university, department or research group, professional network, research project or any other kind of connection or professional proximity. Given any of these cases, the reviewer must decline the editor's invitations for arbitrating the article.
  • The arbitrators must review the article within the timeline stated by the journal to follow the stipulated times and paying due diligence to the authors and their works.
  • The reviewer must keep strict confidentiality in the assessment of the article and must not divulge its content to any third parties.
  • The opinion of the reviewers is vital for detecting the originality of the contents and guaranteeing the scientific and literary quality of the manuscript.
  • The assessment reports must have an exhaustive analysis of the manuscript, contrasting the information presented on it, the verification of the scientific literature employed in the text and also present a quantitative and qualitative report to the editors on the suitability of the work for its publication.
  • The reviewers must make commentaries on the ethical problems arising from possible inadequate conducts of the publications of the research.

Regarding the editors:

  • The editors must guarantee the quality of the material published in the journal.
  • They must also select expert peers with knowledge, experience and academic trajectory in the topic without conflict of interests.
  • They must uphold intellectual rights.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality and anonymity of the authors and reviewers in the process; as well as in every aspect regarding consent and special requirements for research on human beings and animals.
  • Publishing corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies whenever necessary.
  • Actively search for points of view of authors, reader, reviewers and members of the committee of other journals of possible ways of improving its publishing processes.
  • Complying with the biannual periodicity declared by the journal Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación.
  • Identify, select and review the composition of the members of the scientific and editorial committees in accordance with the experience and academic trajectory of its integrants.
  • Employ systems for the detection of falsifications as a routine procedure and in those pieces suspicious of plagiarism. For this regard, the journal employs theTurnitin software to determine the similarity of an article with other documents.

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