Languages of urban communication. Published essay about the spelling of the city of Porto Alegre

  • Silveira Fabrício Universidad de Vale do Rio dos Sinos. UNISINOS
Keywords: Urban visual communication, public space, visual anthropology


The text discuss the urban space as a semiotic and comunicational space. The city passes to be seen (and it also passes to be interpreted) as a scene for many lexias and public registrations. Grafitti, monuments, plates of signalling, outdoors and a infinity of other significant articulations configure the metrópolis as an inhabited text, permanently rewritten. Such assumptions ¡n allow them to understand, as prompt focus of our empirical work, the city of Porto Alegre, situated in the south of Brazil, as a field for many discursive’s coexistences.

  • Author Biography

    Silveira Fabrício, Universidad de Vale do Rio dos Sinos. UNISINOS

    Periodista de la Universidad Federal de Santa María (UFSM, 1995), Master en Comunicación e Información (UFRGS, 1998) y Doctor en Ciencias de la Comunicación (Unisinos, 2003). Actualmente es profesor e investigador en el Programa de Posgrado en Ciencias de la Comunicación Unisinos, en São Leopoldo / RS. En dos ocasiones, fue profesor invitado e investigador visitante en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.