FEAR OF ANOTHER Communication, power and representation in a startled contemporary

  • Rossana Reguillo Universidad de Guadalajara
Keywords: Communication Power, visibility and exclusion, Media and identities, Actor communicative, representation, Cultural resistance, otherness, Otherness


Based on data and information both Anthropology and Communication Science, we take up in this paper the question about the other different and generally or commonly excluded. From Anthropology, we Insist In the Invitation to assume the knowledge of alterity as a possibility and not as anomaly. In a violent and excluding context with all the risk derived from modernity. And from the Communication, we center our 

attention in the various devices and tools to configure presence and Insistence of other in world where
what is at stake is the capacity to give including dimension to public aspects.

Considering what happened on September 11/01 in New York as maximum expression of irruption of East
into West, we touch upon such characters as terrorists and drug traffickers or drug lords who certainly
challenge the assumptions on which multiculturalism and interculture are based. In this context, media
act is a representation producers, a role in which they show their classifying as stigmatizing power under
the appearance of technological neutral mediating.

  • Author Biography

    Rossana Reguillo, Universidad de Guadalajara
    Licenciada en Ciencias de la Comunicación, Maestra en Comunicación por el ITESO, y Doctora en Ciencias Sociales, con especialidad en Antropología Social por el CIESAS-Universidad de Guadalajara con epecialidad en Antropología Social, ha sido profesora invitada en diversas universidades de Latinoamérica, España y Estados Unidos.
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