From Reading to Literacy: A review of the state of the art

  • David Alberto Londoño Vásquez Institución Universitaria de Envigado
Keywords: academic literacy, written culture, reading and writing, literacy


Relevant background before Reading and Writing and the
application of concepts such as written culture (Emilia Ferreiro),
academic literacy (Paula Carlino and Giovanni Parodi), and
literacy (Daniel Cassany) in different researchs lead by some
Higher Education Institutions - with emphasis in our country,
bearing also in mind theoretical-methodological and research
contributions in both Hispano America and other countries as
well -, are presented in this article.

  • Author Biography

    David Alberto Londoño Vásquez, Institución Universitaria de Envigado

    Docente tiempo completo de la Institución
    Universitaria de Envigado. Doctor en Ciencias
    Sociales de la Universidad de Manizales.
    Magíster en Lingüística de la Universidad
    de Antioquia. Realizó una especialización
    en Enseñanza del Inglés en la Universidad
    Pontificia Bolivariana.

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Londoño Vásquez, D. A. (1). From Reading to Literacy: A review of the state of the art. ANAGRAMAS RUMBOS Y SENTIDOS DE LA COMUNICACIóN, 13(26), 197-220.


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