Theoretical approach to society information-production systems and technology

Mónica María Valle Flórez | Bio
Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara


The theoretical approach that visualizes in this text does not try to be a finished frame, of the informational society, the production systems and the technology, on the contrary it is the pretext for a boarding of the analysis of these dimensions. In such sense the article proposes the complex glance of the society, the technology and the production systems like expressions that are renamed of dialectic way, considering that? La technology shapes a certain sociocultural organization and the society use the technological innovations that take body in her? In this theoretical approach, the individual relation is not discussed of direct way informational society, nevertheless this is an implicit one that is developed of cross-sectional way in the text. Subject that without a doubt requires a special dedication, since a study of the informational society cannot let contemplate the type of culture and individual that is influenced by this, it having like premise that the human being factory tools and, somehow, the tools also make the human being. This article contemplates three parts: First it presents/displays the informational paradigm from diverse theoretical approaches. In the second part one approaches the production systems that nave predominated in the western society in relation to the technological development and in a third section the technological concept is added/sunk from the glance of diverse authors.

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