Observing communication media representation about education: Bío-Bío radio case

  • Fernando Farías Olavarría Universidad del Bío-Bío,
  • Cristian Orellana Fonseca Universidad del Bío-Bío
  • Gabriel Pérez Díaz
Keywords: Education, representation, communication media, discourse clusters.


The object of this study is to describe social representation about education in mass communication media such as Bio-Bio Radio. With this purpose, a corpus from newspaper articles published in the year 2013, was constructed, which was analyzed with lexicometric procedures and thematic elemental contexts. Through these procedures, it was possible to identify the main agents involved, their impulse topics and to recognize three new clusters, which marked the representation of education during the year 2013: “Mobilization,” “University system,” “Reply of the political system,” with the purpose of tackling the crisis of the education system.

  • Author Biography

    Fernando Farías Olavarría, Universidad del Bío-Bío,

    Magíster en Investigación Social y Desarrollo, Trabajador Social. Académico del Departamento de Ciencias
    Sociales, Facultad de Educación y Humanidades, Universidad del Bío-Bío, Chillán, Chile

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Farías Olavarría, F., Orellana Fonseca, C., & Pérez Díaz, G. (2016). Observing communication media representation about education: Bío-Bío radio case. Anagramas Rumbos Y Sentidos De La Comunicación, 15(29), 89-102. https://doi.org/10.22395/angr.v15n29a4


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