MIL Competency Framework: Mapping Media and Information Competencies

Keywords: media education, media literacy, information literacy, digital literacy, access to information, assessment methods, life skills, educational indicators


This article explores a literature review on different proposals to assess media and information literacy (MIL) competencies in citizens seeking to define the fundamental MIL skills and competencies to be considered in national curricula and assessment schemes. The study is based on qualitative content analysis to map and systematize the main MIL frameworks, research reports, and their practical applications/experiences. This qualitative technique allows the combination of categories (dimensions) and correlation of individual indicators (skills and capabilities) to group subcategories (components). The study inquires Unesco’s framework, as well as the authors upon which this theoretical approach was built, together with the European Commission’s views on media education. It gathers their principal propositions on media competence assessment and sets a reflection on information literacy and Educommunication as a contribution strongly developed in the Ibero-American context. A broad analysis of digital competencies related to media and information literacy is also included in the study. A new interpretation is given to the studied concepts to draw a structured systematization of competences on media and information literacy that sets a framework to assess and design MIL programs, actions or curricula. Finally, it proposes a map of skills and competences in MIL that allows the future creation of methodologies and strategies for the visibility, promotion, strengthening or evaluation of MIL. 

  • Author Biographies

    Tomás Durán Becerra, Dr., Corporación Unificada de Educación Nacional

    Research Director at the Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior (CUN), Bogotá, Colombia. PhD in Communication and Journalism from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Member of Unesco-UNAoC Milid Network.

    Jesus Lau, Dr., Universidad Veracruzana

    Researcher at Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico. PhD in Information Science, University of Sheffield, England.

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Durán Becerra, T., & Lau, J. (2020). MIL Competency Framework: Mapping Media and Information Competencies. Anagramas Rumbos Y Sentidos De La Comunicación, 19(37), 49-67.


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