Is the Colombian Film Reaching Maturity? Analysis of 10 Years of Film Law in Colombia

  • Jerónimo Rivera Betancur Universidad de la Sabana
Keywords: Colombian film, Film Law, cultural policies, film production.


This article is intended to make a deep description of current
condition of Colombian cinematography in Colombia in the light
of production models, existing regulations, topics addressed, and
producers’ education. The analysis starts by evaluating ticket
selling concerning cost-benefit, amount of national premieres
compared to international ones, policies of the State promotion
to each stage of production and marketing of a movie, and
international awards obtained for Colombian films. After 10 years
of operation of the new film law, this article shows a summary of
what this new law represents for the domestic film.

  • Author Biography

    Jerónimo Rivera Betancur, Universidad de la Sabana

    Docente investigador de la Universidad de La Sabana y director de la Red Iberoamericana de Investigación en Narrativas