Generation of Digital Contents to Reactivate Architectural Patrimony. Case Study: “Plaza de Mercado de Techo Cubierto de Guayaquil” in Medellin

  • María Isabel Zapata Cárdenas Universidad de Medellin
  • Edwin Mauricio Hincapié Montoya Universidad de Medellin
  • Christian Andrés Díaz León Universidad Eafit
  • Camilo Mesías Hoyos Universidad de Medellín
Keywords: Augmented Reality, architectural patrimony, mobile devices, contents, digital communication


Thanks to own technological resources and the convergence of media such as interactive texts, data that allow tactile navigation, maps, planes, images, and virtual models, among others, the material patrimony can be celebrated, contemplated, and admired just by pushing a key. Graphic recreation of a historical building, such as “Plaza de Mercado de Techo Cubierto de Guayaquil,” study case of this research and city site colloquially known as “Plaza Cisneros de Medellin,” was a social milestone of the nineteenth century, since places around this building were the scenarios of marketing and transportations movements in Medellin. For this reason, and thanks to the technology known as Augmented Reality (AR) and the creation of digital contents provided in the research, personalization of information related to cultural patrimony ca be achieved, as well as its handling through mobile devices as mass communication tools by means of which several audiences access contents, navigation routines, and digital information consumption, entertainment experiences, online networking through communication services
  • Author Biographies

    María Isabel Zapata Cárdenas, Universidad de Medellin

    Magister en Periodismo y Comunicación Digital, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Docente tiempo completo Universidad de Medellín. Pertenece al grupo de investigación E-virtual de la Universidad de

    Edwin Mauricio Hincapié Montoya, Universidad de Medellin
    Doctorado en Ciencias de Ingeniería Model to Reconfiguraion Manufacturing System Based in components.
    Christian Andrés Díaz León, Universidad Eafit

    Ingeniero biomédico, Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation

    Camilo Mesías Hoyos, Universidad de Medellín
    Docente-Investigador de la Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de Medellín
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Zapata Cárdenas, M. I., Hincapié Montoya, E. M., Díaz León, C. A., & Mesías Hoyos, C. (1). Generation of Digital Contents to Reactivate Architectural Patrimony. Case Study: “Plaza de Mercado de Techo Cubierto de Guayaquil” in Medellin. ANAGRAMAS RUMBOS Y SENTIDOS DE LA COMUNICACIóN, 13(25), 145-165.


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