Vulnerability of andean wetlands to change processes: trends analysis

Mónica Patricia Valencia Rojas | Bio
Universidad del Cauca
Apolinar Figueroa Casas | Bio
Universidad del Cauca


The Andean wetlands are fragile ecosystems that play a key role in hy­drological, cultural, ecological and socioeconomic dynamics of the Co­lombian Andean region; to continue to deteriorate for reasons associated with climate change and the pressure generated by human activities. Its preservation has aroused the interest of many actors who seek conceptual, assessment tools and management options that allow the management processes of these ecosystems through new insights and understandings about mitigation and adaptation to future changes. This paper seeks a review of some references about the degradation processes of the Andean wetlands, exhibit trends in vulnerability analysis and highlight the cur­rent challenge of developing the analysis through a vision that integrates social and biophysical, from a systemic approach of important natural systems. In order to introduce the vision of socio-ecological systems or socio-ecosystems as a known alternative, but that must be developed and appropriate for implementation and understanding of human communities.

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Valencia Rojas, M. P., & Figueroa Casas, A. (1). Vulnerability of andean wetlands to change processes: trends analysis. Revista Ingenierías Universidad De Medellín, 14(26), 29-42.


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