The virtual in the intellectual autism age

  • César Cardona Cano Universidad de Medellín
Keywords: virtuality, social networking, convergence, interactivity, computer network


This paper offers some theoretical considerations and visions
of the author about the relationship of modern man with the
phenomenon of digital communication, also known as virtual
communication via the Internet. Some reflections that appear
investigative work on the convergent model of public television
Telemedellín. It explores the landscape of human relationships
with others, with himself and with everything from computer
mediation. On the other hand, it also explores the composition of
social networks and their product, the virtual community, where
exchanges and human interactions are produced. And finally, this
article tries to show the restlessness of mankind today, finding
human beings as loners who fight for a place in the world.

  • Author Biography

    César Cardona Cano, Universidad de Medellín

    Magíster en Comunicación Educativa de la Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira y la Universidad de Medellín.
    Comunicador y Relacionista Corporativo de la Universidad de Medellín, docente investigador de tiempo
    completo en las áreas de Radio y Sonido, y jefe del Programa de Comunicación y Entretenimiento Digital de
    la misma institución. Realizador, músico y locutor comercial. Docente de Medios Audiovisuales en la Colegiatura Colombiana, y en el Politécnico Jaime Isaza Cadavid, y de Sonido, en la Universidad de Manizales.
    Premio Nacional de Cultura, Ministerio de Cultura, 2009. Universidad de Medellín

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Cardona Cano, C. (1). The virtual in the intellectual autism age. Anagramas Rumbos Y Sentidos De La Comunicación, 14(27), 15-20.


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