The use of the Open edX platform to offer xMOOC courses by different Universities in the world, has led to a growth in the participation of students in the courses, thus generating a set of navigation patterns when interacting with the xMOOC which are recorded in the tracking.log file. So far there is no study that identifies EF-ISF navigation patterns of the set of patterns, for this reason in this document propose the use of the LexRank with Threshold algorithm for the identification of the EF-ISF navigation patterns.

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Ancona Anacona, F. A., Solarte Sarasty, M. F., & Ramírez González, G. A. (2021). LexRank with threshold to identify EF-ISF navigation patterns in xMOOC of Open edX. Revista Ingenierías Universidad De Medellín, 20(39), 85-96. https://doi.org/10.22395/rium.v20n39a5


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