Study on the Use of Communication Technologies in Internal Communication

  • Antonio Castillo Esparcia Universidad de Málaga
Keywords: Internal communication, organizational communication, communication technologies


This article is intended to state technological tools available for internal communication, as a reflection of the growing importance devoted to communication by both the employees and the organization. The companies have become aware of a need to interrelate different elements of the organization with the intention to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. For that reason, a systematic study of the main technological tools has been made stating pros and cons in internal communication context. Finally, some performance guidelines have been offered to correctly apply those technologies with the purpose of reaching communication objectives
  • Author Biography

    Antonio Castillo Esparcia, Universidad de Málaga
    Profesor de Relaciones Públicas en la Universidad de Málaga. Director del Máster Oficial “Dirección estratégica e Innovación en Comunicación” y del Doctorado “Gestión Estratégica en Comunicación” de la Universidad de Málaga. Director del grupo de investigación Las Relaciones Públicas en la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa.
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Castillo Esparcia, A. (1). Study on the Use of Communication Technologies in Internal Communication. ANAGRAMAS RUMBOS Y SENTIDOS DE LA COMUNICACIóN, 6(12), 91-103. Retrieved from


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