Vol 14, No 27 (2015)

Table of Contents

The virtual in the intellectual autism age PDF (Español)
César Cardona Cano 15-20


Genres and formats for digital television. Analysis in the andean countries PDF (Español)
Abel Suing, Verónica González, Ignacio Aguaded 29-47
Of beasts, monsters and charming princes: A cultural look into the cinematographic adaptation of the tale of Beauty and the Beast PDF (Español)
Ángela María Rodríguez Marroquín 49-66
The use of videos to inform about human trafficking: communicational criteria to contribute to its prevention and denunciation PDF (Español)
Óscar Julián Cuesta Moreno 67-88
Taste as a determinant factor in critically exercising design PDF (Español)
Juan José Cadavid Ochoa 89-100
Adolescents consumers vulnerability: a study in a virtual environment PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Paula Holanda Lima Ávila, Danielle Miranda de Oliveira Arruda 101-122
Local identities, recognition and participation. Planning and management of rural areas of Medellin (Colombia). PDF (Español)
Carlos Javier Egio Rubio, Eryka Yuvelyre Torrejón Cardona, María Camila Muñoz Arias, Loraine Cumplido Rodríguez 123-144
Internet’s possibilities in the reconfiguration of the primary social network of the elderly, which is fractured due to the effect of migration The case of the elderly with migrant relatives in 6 municipalities of Quindío PDF (Español)
Lucero Giraldo Marín, Sandra Leal Larrarte, Lilia Inés López Cardozo 145-162
Representations about the indigenous and their link with globalized cultural trends PDF (Español)
Jean Paul Sarrazin 163-184
The disobedience to social norms: fissures in the ontology of the social reality PDF (Español)
Jorge Gregorio Posada Ramírez, Pedro Felipe Díaz Arenas, Dany Mauricio González Parra 185-200
The development of capabilities and the management of knowledge in the potentials of university competitiveness and change PDF (Español)
Jan Ove Christer Olsson, Julio César Acevedo Tabares 201-216


Recognition and the media PDF (Español)
Sandra Meléndez Labrador 201-216