The constitution of the subject in the discourse of corporate communicator

Gladys Lucía Acosta V. | Bio
Universidad de Medellin


Communicator” which, –ascribed to the line of corporative communication in the Faculty of Communication
and Corporative Relations of the University of Medellín–, is proposed to characterize the discourse of communicators who perform in the enclosure of corporations, from within the multidisciplinary field of
the Theories of Discourse. For the effects of analysis, the Likert interview and scale-instruments that were applied unto the communicators of the twelve organizations in the City of Medellín that constitute the sample are taken as a base. The proposed thesis is: The corporative communicator seeks to position himself in the
organization as a political subject in order to manage, from within his strategic competition, to consolidate a hegemonic power which is fundamentally sustained in two political referents gestated in the world of organizations: identity and culture on one hand, and corporative image, on the other.

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