Expert System for Crop Disease based on Graph Pattern Matching: A proposal

Emmanuel Lasso Sambony | Bio
Universidad del Cauca
Juan Carlos Corrales | Bio
Universidad del Cauca


For agroindustry, crop diseases constitute one of the most common problems that generate large economic losses and low production quality. On the other hand, from computer science, several tools have emerged in order to improve the prevention and treatment of these diseases. In this sense, recent research proposes the development of expert systems to solve this problem, making use of data mining and artificial intelligence techniques like rule-based inference, decision trees, Bayesian network, among others. Furthermore, graphs can be used for storage of different types of variables that are present in an environment of crops, allowing the application of graph data mining techniques like graph pattern matching. Therefore, in this paper we present an overview of the above issues and a proposal of an expert system for crop disease based on graph pattern matching.


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