Improving Rural Early Warning Systems Through the Integration of OpenBTS and JAIN SLEE

Julián Eduardo Plazas | Bio
Universidad del Cauca
Juan Sebastián Rojas | Bio
Universidad del Cauca
Juan Carlos Corrales | Bio
Universidad del Cauca


Nowadays exists a trend that combines the features of Web 2.0 services and telecommunications services known as Telco 2.0. These converged services have been successfully implemented in early warning systems providing improved agility and flexibility in service delivery. However the deployment of converged services in rural zones of developing countries presents several constraints which do not allow to provide this kind of services, as the unavailability of a Next Generation Network (ngn), absence of advanced technology and lack of investment resources. This paper proposes a jain slee and OpenBTS integration architecture for early warning systems in rural zones. The implemented prototype is evaluated with a specific case study involving the deployment of Telco 2.0 warnings in Colombian coffee plantations which may be affected by coffee rust, one of the most threatening diseases in coffee production.


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Plazas, J. E., Rojas, J. S., & Corrales, J. C. (2015). Improving Rural Early Warning Systems Through the Integration of OpenBTS and JAIN SLEE. Revista Ingenierías Universidad De Medellín, 16(30), 195-207.


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