Vol 14, No 28 (2016)

Table of Contents

Lecturers versus students: The two sides of blended education PDF (Español)
Beatriz Quiceno Eugenia Castañeda, Sandra Isabel Arango, Claudia Patricia Vásquez Lopera 15-23


Ethical values on corporate social responsibility PDF (Español)
Begoña Gómez Nieto, Rocío Martínez Domínguez 33-50
Colombian advertising agencies as domestic and international marketing agents PDF (Español)
Adoración Merino Arribas, Rafael Repiso Caballero 51-66
The artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century and its theoretical contribution in the exhibitionist definition of Film’s nature PDF (Español)
Pedro Sangro Colón 67-82
Chromatic Emotions: Analysis of color perception based on emotions and its relationship with consumption of fashion PDF (Español)
Sonia M. Peláez Becerra, Paula Gómez Gómez, Miguel A. Becerra 83-96
Sexual Education Policy, Marco Berger and Absent. Regards in conflict from the Communication Didactics (today under construction) PDF (Español)
Diego A. Moreiras 97-114
Journalist blogosphere in Ecuador The deliberated opinion ¿Who are they and what do they write? PDF (Español)
Isabel Punin Ma, Benazir Gutiérrez 115-134
The domino effect of the social uprisings of 2011 viewed from the colombian main press PDF (Español)
Ana María Córdoba Hernández, Marcela Durán Camero 135-166
Epistemology of the Contemporary Visual Thought from the transdisciplinary imaginary PDF (Español)
Javier Ávila, Carolina Acosta 167-204
Form and Norm: Narration on Power in the City Through the Symbol PDF (Español)
Rafael Mauricio París Restrepo, Yobenj Aucardo Chicangana-Bayona 205-234