Chimeras to understanding of reality. An approach to the communication models

Uriel Hernando Sánchez Zuluaga | Bio
Alcaldia de Medellin, Plaza Mayor


This paper is an approach. Approaching is no moré than taking steps towards the object of attention. It is looking at the distance that separates us from it and trying to reduce it. This is the proposal of this article: an approach to the idea of communication models.
The text is divided into four parts; it is about four approaches. The first part discusses notions over what a model is. It is elaborated from within the view of modeling as a process that is initiated in the idealization to reach the explanation of reality. There the postulates of Mario Bunge are taken in which he proposes that although it would seem paradoxical to explain reality, it is an act that begins with the ideal. The text sets forth that a model is, on principle, a work of fiction, a vision of what is real in order to understand reality. The second part of the paper makes an approach to communication. The author starts by clarifying how the rise of communication in our epoch does not necessarily imply that we now have more of or a better communication. The text approaches a shallow view at the first comprehensions over what communication
is and what it implies. It explains the dimensions of Communications as intra-personal, interpersonal, organization wise and massive. Furthermore, the text briefly sketches a comprehension to the areas of applications to communication.
The third part of the paper is the approach, properly, to the models of communication. Once what a model is has been set forth and it has been investigated over what communication is, the text unites the concepts to make a brief run through the essential models of communication not before determining first what the functions of these models are. The fourth part of the text is an open is an announcement to continuo the study of the models
of Communications.

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