Colombia, communication and crisis The Twilight Zone

Uriel Hernando Sánchez Zuluaga | Bio
Municipio de Medellin, Plaza Mayor


A dimension is, in general, a space and a time through which some individuals, who may experience some events, develop their activities. It is an aspect or a facet of something. This text expounds how in the middle of the crisis, Colombia has entered an unknown dimension. Communication has turned into a possibility to search for a new phase for the country, since Colombians have lost hope and started to assume that this is a permanent state and not a circumstantial affair.

The means have been quite inferior to the challenge ex-pounded by society. A nation that lives a reality like ours can hardly boast about having a good communication; there-fore, this text approaches how a Colombian perceives the crisis through his own experience, the experience of others, and through the media.

After expounding facets of massive and alternative means of communication, the text proposes communication as an alternative for the building of a different nation: a task which should be addressed from within institutions, companies, the various community groups to include new perspectives in the processes of intra-personal, interpersonal and mass communication..

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