Luis Horacio Botero Montoya | Bio
Universidad de Medellín
Uriel Hernando Sánchez Zuluaga | Bio
Universidad de Medellín
Julio César Acevedo Tabares | Bio
Universidad de Medellin
Carlos Alberto Galvis Ortiz | Bio
Universidad de Medellín
Victor Hugo Zapata Madrigal | Bio
Universidad de Medellin


This paper Intends to tackle the topic of company communication media and
their role in interpersonal communication processes in middle-size organizations
of service sector in Medellín city (Colombia). The scope of this research is based
on the research Project: “More media than communication in organizations: evaluation of relation between internal media communication and information and interpersonal communication inside middle-size organization of service sector in Medellín city from a Corporative communication perspective,” a research in progress by CORPUS (Corporative Communication)Research Group, adscript to Universidad de Medellín School of Communications, and recognized in Category C by Colciencias.

This project clearly supports the statement that organizations under analysis
develop different communication processes with their audiences, mainly internal
processes directed more to information that to communication which impact
interpersonal communication processes. Middle-size organizations analyzed use
more mass media than communication media, because they rely more in the
mass media than in possible human interactions, thus preventing human
interactions and generating an information society and a mass society, every
day further from its essence: society

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Botero Montoya, L. H., Sánchez Zuluaga, U. H., Acevedo Tabares, J. C., Galvis Ortiz, C. A., & Zapata Madrigal, V. H. (1). MORE MASS MEDIA THAN COMMUNICATION. Anagramas Rumbos Y Sentidos De La Comunicación, 6(11), 19-35. Retrieved from


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