About the Subject-Victim: Configuration of a Limited Citizenship

Diana Fuentes Becerra | Bio
Universidad del Rosario
Clara Atehortúa Arredondo | Bio
Universidad de Antioquia


One of the virtues conferred upon the transitional justice in
the countries where it has been implemented is its capacity
to strengthen institutions and democracy. One of the ways to
strengthen democracy and indemnify victims is to encourage their
participation in transitional justice processes and other public
policies intended to assure their rights. Democratic participation of
people, however, is mediated by the quality granted to participating
subjects. The objective of this article is to propose the need
for having a debate on the consequences brought by the way
“victims” are conceived during their participation within reparation
processes. Finally, this document puts into consideration some
points that could be part of the debate on the conceptualization
of victims and their participation.

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Fuentes Becerra, D., & Atehortúa Arredondo, C. (2016). About the Subject-Victim: Configuration of a Limited Citizenship. Opinión Jurídica, 15(29), 65-77. https://doi.org/10.22395/ojum.v15n29a3


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